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Command Line and BASH

Command Line and BASH


The command line is a text interface for your computer. You can communicate with your computer in a language that the IT understands, using this program. You can go beyond the capability of tasks that are possible through the graphical interface. Some examples of things you can do with the command-line include creating directories and folders, navigating the file system, and writing and executing code.

This module explores the basics of the command line and BASH. It functions as a starter kit that will kickstart your journey into scripting!

Finally, this modules is in development.  If you see an error, please feel free to email or leave a comment.

Navigating the Module

Throughout this module, you will find information presented in a few ways. You can click through the tabs below to choose the best formats for you!

The concepts are described theoretically, first. I suggest reading through the descriptions before trying out the examples
To expedite the time taken, you can copy and paste the code provided into your working environment. Additionally, you can refer to the snapshots from my environment to troubleshoot any errors you may come across
Finally, you will find videos of me working through the examples as an added resource!

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will:

  1. Be familiar with a core set of BASH commands
  2. Understand the concepts of piping and redirection
  3. Be able to enter a code editor, write and run scripts
  4. Understand the concept of file permissions
  5. Understand paths and the hierarchy of the filesystem
  6. Understand the meaning of some special characters and their usage patterns
  7. Define and use variables
  8. Write scripts using conditional statements
  9. Define functions and use them in scripts
  10. Understand the concept of operators
  11. Gain a high-level understanding of servers
  12. Use BASH commands to retrieve data from a public database and perform some manipulation on the data to extract the required information

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